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Scotland`s newest & most exciting jazz quartet "Quattro MacJazz" presents a lively selection of tunes, recorded live at the legendary Glasgow Jazz venue, Whitecraigs Tennis Club. With Forrie Cairns on clarinet, Alastair McDonald banjo & vocals, Lennie Herd trumpet & Roy Percy playing bass, the combo celebrated in fine style the return of Forrie to his first jazz residency.
Titles: Hindustan:Monochrome:Old Time Religion*:Jazz Me Blues:I Found a New Baby :Take This Hammer*:Just a Closer Walk With Thee*:Simple Song of Freedom*:Blues My Naughty Sweetie Gave to Me*:Willie the Weeper:Chesapeake Bay*:Bugle Boy March:Yellow Dog Blues:Louisian-i-ay*. *Vocals. *Vocals.
PLUS bonus track Road & the Miles to Dundee featuring Forrie on clarinet. Sold in eco-friendly wallet

TAM LIN & Other Celtic Legends A Corban Recordings CBNCD 019 performed by ALASTAIR McDONALD
1 Tam Lin 2 Loch Ness Monster 3 William Wallace 4 Lament for Mary, Queen of Scots 5 Rose of Allandale 6 Royal Chairlie 7 Puddo s Wedding 8 Great Silkie of Suleskerry 9 Caveman s Saturday Night 10 Blows the Wind Today 11 Rob Roy McGregor O 12 Dream Angus 13 Midges 14 The Highland Seer 15 Portree Kid 16 The Minstrel Sleeps 17 Mighty Munro 18 Land of the Leal 19 Helen of Kirkconnell 20 Burke, Hare & Knox 21 The Shepherd o Ettrick 22 The Destiny Stane 23 Golden Apples of the Sun (Wandering Aengus)

Featuring the Scottish Border Ballad "Tam Lin", a tale of a girl`s love for her sweetheart enslaved in service to the evil Fairy Queen, in which she is prepared to face the powers of darkness so that she may save him back to the world of mortals - a stirring tale of true & sacrificial love, defeating evil & enslavement. Also on this generous 23 track collection, songs of heroes & legends from history, fable, literature & romance.

From the pages of history & lore - Scottish legends in fact & fantasy. Inspired by the writing of Robert Burns, Lady Nairn, Robert Louis Stevenson & countless anonymous authors.

CBNCD 039 A DEGREE OF BURNS A bumper collection of the songs of Scotland's National bard ROBERT BURNS arranged & performed by Scottish folk singer Alastair McDonald with notes by John Cairney. The Deil's Awa' : Green Grow the Rashes : Rattlin' Roarin' Willie : Killiecrankie-o : My Love She's But a Lassie : Pint o' Wine (My Bonnie Mary) : Honest Poverty (A Man's a Man) : 0 Wert Thou in the Cauld Blast* : Son o' Mars* : Mary Morrison : Duncan Grey : Ca' the Ewes : We're a' Noddin' : Red, Red Rose : Carls o' Dysart : Never be Peace (Until Jamie Comes Hame)* : Willie Wastle : AyeWaukin'o: Scots Wha Ha'e : Rantin' Rovin' Robin : Parcel o' Rogues : Wee Robin's Yule Sang* : Land o` the Leal**

*Music Alastair McDonald **Words Lady Nairn

BEARS CROWS & CENTIPEDES CBNCD 021 A generous helping of nineteen songs & a story designed to appeal to the very heart of the young - of any age. Sung by Alastair McDonald  Mickey Medley: Ally Bally Bee: Sam the Skull: Queen Mary: Ice Cream: Leerie Puddo`s Wedding: Highland Fairy Lullaby: Jeely Piece Song A Trip to the Zoo: Swaggering Bears: Wee Kirkcudbright Centipede: The Tod: Wee Jock Sparra: School Medley: The Whistle: Three Craws: No` Comin` Oot: Twa Corbies: Three Bears (Story)
(See also “Ally`s Red YoYo” CBNCD036)

TRAX 078  VELVET & STEEL – Battle Ballads of Scotland  We have the greatest pleasure in recommending this truly beautiful, entertaining & educational DVD** shot on location in the Scottish Highlands. Songs of the Scottish soldier - love, duty & conflict, researched & sung by Alastair McDonald, conveying all the passion & sadness of an oppressed  & divided people through their nation's struggle for identity. Jamie Foyers: Twa Recruitin Sergeants: The Bruce: Bonnie Earl o` Moray: Harlaw: The Seer: Lock the Door, Lariston: Haughs o` Cromdale: Killiecrankie: My Bonnie Mary (Pint o` Wine): Blue Bonnets: Flodden/Floo`rs o` the Forest: Ettrick Water: Culloden’s Harvest: Fyvie O: Sheep & Stag Remain 

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CBNCD 022 SCOTTISH LAUGHLINES Songs past & present that tickle a nation’s funny bone sung by Alastair McDonald Sam the Skull(Glasgow Cat): The Kelty Clippie: Rothesay O: Cholesterol: The Mermaid’s Tale: Goliath of Gath: McFarlane o` the Sprotts: German Lairdie: Johnnie Lad: Oor Gudeman: Cooper o` Fife: The Pan Drop: The Auld Man’s Mare: Wee Cock Sparra: The Kirk Soiree: Ten Wee Wimmin: Big Kilmarnock Bunnet: Oor Hamlet: Hot Asphalt: Glasgow’s Barraland
plus bonus track The Lugton Dug (Shug the Dug)

CBNCD024 THROUGH SCOTLAND IN SONG Alastair McDonald’s famous musical tour expanded to explore avenues of Scottish history & culture from the beauty of the Highlands to the strife of the Borders - and all stops in between. Scots, Wha Ha`e: Glencoe: Ten Wee Women: Loch Lomond: The Puffers: MacCrimmon`s Lament: Hail to the Chief: The Deil`s Awa`: Waters of Loch Tay: Killiecrankie: The Gallawa` Hills: Twa Corbies : Requiem/Skye: Sam the Skull: Kismuil`s Galley: White Wings: Cam` Ye By Atholl: Johnny Cope: Culloden’s Harvest.

CBNCD027 HOUSE of MACDONALD  Sung by Alastair McDonald) Work o` the Weavers: Early Morning Worker: Peoples` Palace: Sons of Glencoe: Bonny Ship, the Diamond: Blantyre Explosion: A Gypsy Lad: Farewell to Stirling:The Vagabond: Pearly Wilson: Melville Castle: Baron’s Heir: Get Up, Get Out: Toys & Brooches: Piper o` Dundee: Bothwell Bank: Livingston: Tog Orm mo Piob: Aiken Drum: Glencoe (House of Macdonald)

CBNCD 029 BATTLES & BALLADS of SCOTLAND Songs & Ballads of Scotland’s epic historical struggle for Freedom sung by Alastair McDonald Battle of Stirling Bridge: Scotland Yet: William Wallace: Land of the Eagle: Sword of Bannockburn: Hail to the Chief: Harlaw: Perfervidum Ingenium Scotorum: Sherifmuir: Parcel o` Rogues: Wee German Lairdie: Till Jamie Comes Hame: The News Frae Moidart: Chairlie`s Own: Culloden`s Harvest: Twa Bonny Maids: Both Sides o` the Tweed: Son o` Mars: Sheep & Stag Remain: Sergeant & the Loon: Man in Peterhead: Patriot’s Heart

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CBNCD030 SONGS OF THE NORTH  Alastair McDonald with narration by Findlay Cameron - a Scottish journey continues. Stirling Bridge: Gretna Green: Red is the Rose: Glasgow Fitba` Club: Holy Iona: Rob Roy McGregor: Dark LochnaGar: Blue Bonnets: Floo`ers o` the Forest: Dumbarton’s Drums: Burke & Hare: Welcome Royal Chairlie: Culloden’s Harvest: Homeward Bound

CBNCD031 OLD SCOTIA`S SHORES  A 22 track volume of songs - Scotland’s Maritime history from tall ships to turbines. Falioro We’re Sailing: The Puffers: Silkie of Suleskerry: Get Up, Get Out: Sea Wife: The Waverley  Silver Darlings: Mermaid’s Tale: Iona Rowing Song: North Sea Oil: Old Ailsa Craig: Carls o` Dysart: Wee Ferries Fareweel tae Tarwathie : Pack Your Tools & Go : White Wings: Maids of New England: Jamie Foyers: Queen o` the Clyde: Settler’s Lament: Bonnie Ship the Diamond: Requiem

CBNCD 035 I DEARLY LIKE THE WEST (CD) Alastair McDonald - Special guest Peter Morrison* & featuring Robert Urquhart Of a` the Airts/Mingualy Rowing Song: Goin` Doon the Watter: Fiunary Farewell: Saltcoats (at the Fair): Fear a Bhata *: The Singers: Para Handy`s Piper (Story told by Robert Urquhart): Highland Cathedral: These Were my Mountains: Come Along (Tiugeann Leum): Caller O`u: Portree Kid: Faili Oro: Welcome to the Isles: My Bonny Moorhen: Big Aggie`s Ludging` Hoose: Home to Islay: Rose o` Glencoe (Lord Reoch)

CBNCD 036 OOR ALLY`S RED YO-YO & other songs. Alastair McDonald -A further collection of fun songs for the young, regardless of age.
The Red Yo-yo: Ten Little Sailor Boys:Aitken Drum:Twinkle Little Star:The Southside Sunday School:School Nativity Play:The Jealous Sister (Minorie):I’ve Got Sixpence:My Garden:Nick-nack Skiddly-wack (This Old Man):The Queen’s Maries (Mary Hamilton):The Lugton Dug:The Tailor o` Fife:The Little Man & the Little Maid:A` the Wee Herries - I Sent Her for Breid:Petrum Patrum Riddle:Murder in the Fish Shop - Old Mother Riley - Duke Street Jail:The Selfish Giant (story)

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CBNCD037  BEST OF HANDS*  Songs of worship, praise,Gospel message & Christian challenge sung by  AlastairMcDonald Shine On (The Lighthouse): Paul's Love Song Ezekiel :Some Hae Meat :Heads & Tales :Noah Found Grace Everlasting Arms (Leaning) :O Sacred Head :Valley of the Shadow :Rio de Janeiro (Mirrors) :Jonah :Children Go (Where I Send Thee) :Colombe – Shalom :Closer Walk With Thee :Lord of the Dance :Balm in Gilead :Bye & Bye :When the Roll is Called :Feel The Spirit :Best of Hands

And companion collection:-
CBNCD038 ALL TIME RELIGION* Alastair McDonald Old Time Religion: I Found a Friend: Will The Circle be Unbroken: Holy Iona: I`ll Fly Away: Down by the Riverside: Silent Majority: Were You There: Higher Ground: Highland Cathedral: Livingstone: My Shepherd, The Lord: Simple Song of Freedom: Mary, Did You Know?: God Is Coming Down Tonight: Amazing Grace (with Peter Morrison): Gloryland: Come & Follow Me: Southside Sunday School: The Cross (He Carried for Us).

CBNCD 006 SONGS of SCOTLAND    Peter Morrison & Alastair McDonald (CD) Bonnie Dundee :Braes o` Killiecrankie :Rory Murphy (Piper o` Dumbarton) :Eriskay Love Song :Scotland Yet :Amazing Grace :Rothesay O :Hie Johnny Cope :My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose - Corn Rigs Willie Brew`d a Peck o` Maut :Holy Willie’s Prayer : Deil`s Awa` :Turn Ye to Me :Dumbarton’s Drums :The Thistle of Scotland :Aitken Drum :Rothesay Bay  Wee Herries / I Sent Her for Breid :Bonnie Gallawa` :Mairi`s Wedding

Please note, there may be found to be duplications of titles from one album to another  - this is due to their being made for different tastes & ages. Please be sure to consider carefully your own special needs & requirements before ordering. Thank you

e-mail contact: macjazz@live.co.uk

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